Deck Construction in Saco

ABG in Saco builds raised patios, decks, platforms, upper level balconies and more. If you are looking to install a deck that will stand up year-round to Saco weather, give us a call. We build custom decks and can install, repair or replace your current deck. Our professionals can help you style the perfect look for your new deck.

Saco Deck Expansions

At ABG our professionals are experts with expansions and downsizing for any home structures. We can fix, raise, reshape, lower, or expand any deck, patio, balcony, gazebo and more!

Industry Standards

ABG adheres to strict industry standards for structural integrity, safety, and more. We build strong frames, to your specifications.

Worksite Safety

  • OSHA Compliant
  • Supervisors on Site
  • Legal Working Hours

Built With Integrity

  • New, Strong Wood
  • Proper Spacing & Axis
  • Vital Reinforcements
We have been specializing in deck construction in Saco for 33 years. We will make sure your new deck will be able to withstand year-round weather that follows terrain, zoning, and building laws or regulations
ABG is a full-service company for any new deck installations, repairs, and custom construction problems. We follow timelines, safety guidelines, and with precision and care will bring your new gazebo, deck, balcony, or raised patio to life.
  • OSHA Compliant
  • On-Site Lead Supervisors
  • Legal Work Hours

American Building Group

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