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The American Building group is your local construction comapany in Saco. We have been installing windows, doors, patios, decks, framing and any other home improvement projects for over 33 years! Our company follows honest buisness practices and safety protocalls. We create entire blueprints and will be able to bring your dream home to life! Give us a call today so we can get excited on your new home projects!

Framing in Saco

If any part of your home needs to have framing repaired or installed, ABG is here for you! We can add new walls, knock down walls, expand any part of your home and make sure your home is structurally sound. For any framing work give us a call and we will provide you with a free estimate and inspection For any framing repairs or installations, we are the company for you! We knock down walls, expand all parts of your home, and make sure that your home is structurally sound. We will provide you with a free inspection and estimate for any framing work needed.

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Saco Framing

Wood & Vinyl Siding in Saco

With so many different options for vinyl and wood siding, ABG will find the perfect style to compliment your home. We will repair or replace any damaged siding, or help you select new siding for your home. With weatherproofing options and so much more, we will provide you with the best siding services at affordable costs.

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Saco Vinyl Siding

Saco Wood Siding

Windows & Doors in Yarmouth

Maine is home to a plethora of critters and creepy crawlers. ABG knows that your Maine windows need to be secured and still look beautiful for your home. Windows offer natural lighting and fantastic views to any home but they require the correct installation. ABG will make sure your windows will not be affected by any weather or animals.

For new door upgrades ABG is here for you. From framing to installation we will take care of everything. We will discuss all weatherproofing and exterior selections that will work perfectly with your home.

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Saco Windows

Saco Doors

Deck Construction in Saco

We can customize decks to fit your exact style preference and construction specifications. With precision and care we will be able to build you the perfect deck for your home at an affordable cost. From balconies to raised patios, platforms and more we are the company for you.

ABG is here to fix or expand your current deck, patio, or balcony. We can reinforce structural flaws or breaks and extend, reshape, raise, or lower your deck

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Saco Decks

About ABG

Built With Integrity

ABG is your local construction company for any home remodeling and additions. IF your home framing needs to be built from the ground up or modified in any way our construction workers will get the job done! We will ensure that your home is beautiful, unique, sturdy, and safe.

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