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We are the American Building Group- Your local construction company here in South Portland. At ABG we specialize in all new installations for any home or business. From window and door installations, to framing, siding, and more we are your full-service company. ABG always follows strict safety guidelines and business practices. We provide our customers with honest work and a dependable service. For any of your new projects give us a call.

Framing in South Portland

ABG is licensed and fully insured so that you can expect quality work. We will take care of any new expansions, additions and framework. For any repairs, replacements, or fixes to any of the structures in your home give us a call.

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South Portland Framing

Wood & Vinyl Siding in South Portland

We can help you choose the perfect exterior look for your home. With different options from weatherproofing to wood paneling, vinyl siding and finishes ABG is here to provide your home with the perfect siding.

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South Portland Vinyl Siding

South Portland Wood Siding

Windows & Doors in South Portland

For any window installations or repairs and replacements give ABG a call. We can add screens or storm windows and make sure your window is installed correctly so that no bugs or weather will affect your home.

We install doors, recreate entrances, and provide high quality looks at affordable prices. We can install deadlocks, steel reinforcements, and any other security system on your doors for your home.

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South Portland Windows

South Portland Doors

Deck Construction in South Portland

We can create custom decks or repair/replace any parts of your current deck. With a variety of materials to choose from we will make sure your deck is sturdy and built to last.

We are your experts for any home fixes and expansions. For any repair work or new installations for your deck, balcony, patio, or all other structures we are the company for you.

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South Portland Decks

About ABG

Built With Integrity

We have been helping home and business owners in South Portland for years. We always make sure that all projects are done correctly, safely, and affordably. Give us a call today for any additions or improvements to your home. We will provide you with a free inspection and estimate for all work required before beginning your new exciting project.

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