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ABG Decks

Upper level balconies, raised patios, platforms, and decks are our specialty. We'll get your back, front, or even side yards fitted with weather-proof decks that can survive the Maine winters, and stay perfect for your events and barbeques.

Custom Decks

If you want a custom deck in Maine, ABG can handle it. Talk to one of our experts about pricing, styling, or precise construction specifications. We'll get your home fitted with a new, premium deck that will make all your family and neighbors want one.

Fixes & Expansions

Whether you need to expand your current deck, balcony, or patio, or fix one up, ABG is here. We can reinforce structural flaws or breaks, extend, reshape, raise, or lower your deck.

Deck construction in Maine requires knowledge of the weather, terrain, laws, and customer requests. Our 33 years of experience have made us confident enough to guarantee your satisfaction.
With ABG framing & doors, any side of your home can be turned into a beautiful patio, deck, or balcony. We'll make sure your new addition is not only accessible, but accompanied by sliding glass doors or other elaborate entrances. There's no need to contract out each stage, we got you.
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