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ABG Maine Construction Framing

Whether you need an addition or brand new, ground up construction, ABG is here to serve. We can take care of your every need, including new walls or wall removals, shed and home expansion framing, or an entire blueprint.


We get it, your attic, basement, or other framing needs some fixes. Call us today to learn how we reinforce existing frames and ensure your home can pass inspections and stand for years to come.

Every Angle Covered

The ABG framing and window installation teams will collaborate to ensure your home is ready to go structurally and aesthetically before you ever have a chance to worry about fittings, installs, or other secondary implementations.

  • OSHA Compliant
  • Supervisors on Site
  • Legal Working Hours
  • New, Strong Wood
  • Proper Spacing & Axis
  • Vital Reinforcements
We'll handle new construction window framing, upgrades, or even more complicated work. Learn more about ABG Windows.

American Building Group

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