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Built With Integrity

In 1988, American Building Group began with the vision and strength to build in Maine. ABG quickly established itself in the construction industry as an honest and efficient company.

ABG prides itself in helping businesses, home owners, and property managers in southern Maine. From window and door installations to large siding jobs and framing, our company has consistently followed honest business practices, industry standards, and safety protocols - all with related insurance.

Our Services


From wood to industrial metals, ABG will help you build the foundation and structure of not only your home or business, but your future too.

  • Industry Standards

    ABG adheres to strict industry standards for structural integrity, safety, and more. We build strong frames, to your specifications.

  • Modular Construction

    Building your frames in stages allows us to reach observable benchmarks with construction, inspections, and client approval.

Wood & Vinyl Siding

At ABG we pride ourselves in wood and vinyl siding that not only looks beautiful, but can survive Maine's weather too.

  • Big or Small

    Whether it's the side of a shed or a brand new home, ABG will perfect your property with the quality siding you deserve.

  • Efficient Worksites

    While maintaining safety and industry standards, we'll always minimize our on-site footprint and noise.

Windows & Doors

From windows for all types of weather to modern & secure doors, ABG will ensure your home is safe and beautiful.

  • Doors

    Interior and exterior doors can be upgraded, secured, reframed and widened with efficient installs and planning.

  • Windows

    As Maine residents, we are familiar with rain and snow. ABG's all weather windows are the perfect upgrade for any property.


From ground level to raised or multi-floor construction, a deck is the perfect addition for homes and offices alike.

  • Perfectly Planned

    With proper planning and execution, we'll make sure your Maine terrain is ready for any event or use.

  • Diverse Styling

    With wood, stone, and even metals at our disposal, any deck is possible, and any yard can be beautiful.


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