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South Portland Windows & New Construction

American Building Group has over 33 years of experience as a full-service construction company in South Portland, Maine. We can install any type of new window for your home, and handle any new construction! If you are considering a home addition, remodeling project, or are building a house in South Portland, you need ABG. We provide affordable window construction and installation services to homeowners directly, as well as for general contractors needing reliable and affordable windows.

Storm Windows in South Portland, Maine

We know how important it is to protect your home from storm damage, cold Maine winters, and other weather conditions. We can install new window screens, storm windows, shutters, and other protection so your windows are safe. We'll prevent window damage by making sure you have strong, durable weatherproof windows. We can fix window drafts, leaks, and more.

South Portland Window Remodeling

We can make your window openings larger, smaller, or even different shapes. Want a circular window? No problem! Whether you need a square, circle, or rectangular window, ABG makes window remodeling affordable in South Portland, Maine. We can fix or install new window trim, shutters, double-pane glass, and anything else you need so your home has the best windows.

Paradigm vinyl windows are absolutely stunning, and ABG makes sure your new window installation is affordable.

Anderson wood & composite windows are beautiful in design and style, so of course we have experience with composite window installation in South Portland.

Marvin wood, metal, and fiberglass windows great for storm protection because they are strong and sturdy.

We build custom windows and install any brand too, so give us a call!

We can install any type of window frame or build completely custom window frames in South Portland. If you need affordable window framing, give ABG a call! Learn more about window framing options from the official window & energy resource.
We use odorless and colorless gases to test your windows and make sure they are 100% sealed. We are diligent in our work and always make sure to never take shortcuts when it comes to window construction and installation. We'll make sure your existing or new windows are completely sealed to prevent drafts, leaks, and to stop bugs from entering your home.

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